SEO, Google Ads & Social Media Campaigns

In a marketing system, marketing qualified leads(MQL) are the leads that have high conversion potential. In the digital marketing parameters, lead generation is one of the primary aspects of generating direct businesses to the companies, and qualified leads are typically at the top of the sales funnel.

Success Stories

We have delivered qualified website traffic and leads to clients through SEO, Google Ads & Social Media Campaigns, targeting audiences and getting exposure online faster than anything else.
What We Do?
As a digital marketing agency, we focus on generating qualified leads because it will eventually bring business. There are lots of ways to generate leads, nonetheless, we take care of highly targeted lead generation initiatives and put lots of focus, time and effort to understand the target audience and objective of the business.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Paid Ad CampaignsEach day your sales team is expecting the marketing department to generate good quality warm leads to work with. We not only generate leads but we focus on qualified leads so that it will create value for the sales team. In a way, we are an extended team of sales enablement experts.Now your sales team can focus purely on refining their sales presentations and generating more business.

  • Our lead generation service will help to connect to the right audience, so sales will take less time to find customers, and more time closing new deals.
  • We commit to supply regular and qualified leads into your sales funnel.
  • Leverage our design service and multilingual capabilities that complement your sales efforts.

Social Media Advertising Service

We have expertise in Facebook ads, Instagram engagement, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads and other remarketing tools. Based on clients’ demands, we create a budget and clearly defined ROI. In a periodic fashion, we track conversions and measuring the metrics of online advertisements.

Blogging Strategy

Extensive blogging in different social media platforms as well as internal blogging. Niche blogs with proper SEO optimized content and blog cross-channel promotions in social media.

Engagement & Brand Awareness Campaigns

We have the ability to create deeper and meaningful relationships with the target audience through engagement and brand awareness campaigns. We develop a focused targeting strategy to ensure that only the right audience is reached out to.

How It Works?


A monthly planner will be shared at the beginning of every month to cover Topical, upcoming Events and Academic activities.


Media Cell / Institute Authority to share the data and all possible information, images, videos etc. for Social Media Upload.


We will prepare the Content, Creative and will upload it across Social Media platforms.


Prior Approval is to be obtained from the client before uploading any documents in Social Media Platforms.

Execution & ROI Evaluation

The final step is the execution based on the campaigns’ objectives. We also analyse the campaigns and deliver clients with detailed ROI analysis.

We make your paid social media marketing easy by creating an advertising budget, campaign scope, brand messaging and generating qualified leads.

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