Search Engine Management

We provide a comprehensive social media management service that includes an overall social media strategy and hands-on methodologies to our clients to expose their services and products.

Our Social Media Objectives

  • To establish a unique for our clients in the digital platforms.
  • To reach out to more audiences and generate active engagement in social media platforms.
  • To drive positive engagement through organic social media campaigns, and active online relationship management.

Success Stories

We have delivered qualified website traffic and leads to clients through SEM, targeting audiences and getting exposure online faster than anything else.

What We Do?

As an experienced social media management service provider in India, we understand the intricacies of social media platforms and create strategies that fully satisfy our clients’ needs. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that their brands reach the right audience online.

Strategize, plan, create & manage all Social Media Promotions to establish the brand to get better ROI. Develop creative storytelling methods for all the campaigns of the Institute to uplift the brand presence in social media platforms. The Digital Marketing Planning will evolve as per the target audience through innovative digital creatives, story-based video making, creative image-based messages.

We will develop a micro-level strategy for all the posts across the year. We will give a quarterly planner/calendar at the beginning of the quarter. Will measure each campaign through Analytics and optimize the same as per the success ratio.

Execution Strategy

  • Our team huddled internally and does a deep dive into the industry in which HNG operates, modelling key competitors to chalk out the exact modus operandi for the brand on Digital.
  • The first approach towards establishing any digital identity is to launch a redesigned website, this website exuberates modern design thinking matching the latest trends of mobile responsiveness and consumer behaviour.
  • Social Media Marketing plays a key role in reaching out to the target audiences. A detailed strategy with a focus on contextual communication will be undertaken.
  • Ultimately our team shows its true effectiveness in delivering a competitive engagement rate and cost-effectiveness in achieving the brand’s Media Buying objectives.

We make your search engine management easy by creating an advertising budget, campaign scope and brand messaging.

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