Website & Server Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services

We provide a total website maintenance support that includes bug fixing, content update, troubleshooting, critical security updates, module configuration, upgradation, and others. We provide website maintenance plans, which are fully customized to meet various business requirements. Website maintenance services help businesses to secure the assets as well as quick and flawless online experiences.

What We Do?

We have an enterprise-grade infrastructure and a 24/7 website support system. So, we provide our clients with all types of enhancements, upgrades and fortify the security system to keep it running uninterruptedly.

Website Security, Upgrades & Maintenance

Security risks are inevitable, so it is imperative to safeguard your website against all types of potential threats, for example, malware, hacking, spyware and others. We provide a comprehensive website maintenance service that protect constantly against security risks and optimises your website for optimal performance.

Support & Integration of Third-Party Systems

We can integrate your web application with any 3rd party web service, API, System, Plugin and Extension; without affecting the current site performance and end-user experience. This can be an existing ERP, CRM, Accounting Software, Inventory Software etc. This gives you access to other incredible tools, features, and functionalities that are not a part of the existing web application and hence help enhance the user experience or your own workflow.

Server Maintenance

We have a robust server maintenance facility and networking expertise that helps us provide best-in-class services and solutions to our customers located in every corner of India. We have expertise in maintaining all types of IT equipment from most leading OEM’s active in India. We have a large spectrum of clients and Third Party Maintenance Companies, so we are capable to provide multi-vendor support across a large spectrum of assets results in ease of business.

Success Stories

We have delivered a complete website maintenance service from a small content update, bug fixing, troubleshooting, critical security updates, SSL installation etc.

What We Do?

We are equipped with the server management tools needed to solve your issues. Some common requests we resolve are:

Cloud Server Troubleshooting

We have expertise in cloud server troubleshooting and help clients to set up and resolve errors in the cloud servers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure etc.)

Infected Website Recovery

We’ll restore a clean backup, or manually clean the site if the backup is unavailable.

Database Repair

We will recover your data, or restore it from backup.

Website Monitoring & Rescue

We do performance monitoring & server optimization.

Database Optimization

We will audit your database settings to find performance bottlenecks and optimize your database.

Security Hardening

We ensure proper security by tightening security settings. Also, we do periodic security checks and fix any potential security vulnerability.

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